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The Great Thangka Painting of Tibetan Culture and Art

发布时间:2018-05-03 15:36:12     发布人:青海藏医药文化博物馆

     The Great Thangka Painting of Tibetan Culture and Art is a remarkable piece of art made possible because of the joint effort and support from many people. Initiated with persistence and passion by the prominent Tibetan artist, Tsöndrü Rabgye, this magnificent project was undertaken by artists and scholars from Rebgong, the heartland of Tibetan Buddhist arts in Amdo, as well as those from other regions of the Tibetan plateau. It probably would have taken one artist 500 years to complete. Instead, an army of fellow artists was called upon to embark on this ambitious encyclopaedia of Tibetan culture, history, and religion through paintings. The Great Thangka took nearly 400 artists and a total of 27 years to complete since the idea was raised. It unfolds to a length of 618 metres and width of 2.5 metres, and therefore holds a Guinness World Record for its extraordinary length.

The artists have used traditional Tibetan painting techniques, natural mineral powders from coral, jade, turquoise, gold, etc. for colouring, cotton cloth for the painting canvas, and silk for the embroideries. From a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, adhering to references from Tibetan classical texts, it comprehensively records and exquisitely presents the Tibetan view of the evolution of the universe and human life, Tibetan dynasties and great kings, the original religion of Bön and Buddhism, Buddha and Bodhisattvas, the great gurus and fierce protectors, Tibetan medicine and astronomy, and folkways and costumes. In a spectacular snapshot style, the Great Thangka presents all things significant for Tibetans.

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The Great Thangka Painting of Tibetan Culture and Art